Our primary business is distribution of mobile topup services for M:tel mobile operator (065 and 066 networks). For this we use GPRS mPOS terminals that provide easy, fast and secure way to recharge prepaid accounts.

Standalone devices

In addition to the mPos devices, we also offer self-service devices for electronic recharge. These devices allow users to self-recharge their mobile phone via simple interface on the touch screen.

Iptv and ADSL

IPTV and ADSL sector sells M:tel services. Our sector consists of young, educated people working in teams to present M:tel services to potential users, which include:
  • Internet access
  • Introduction of digital IPTV and
  • Integration of the desired services in packages that are adapted to the user needs


VPN sector provides services which are intended to legal entities - business users. These services are:
  • TOTAL GROUP - unlimited communication within the group, the possibility of cost control and separation of private and business accounts
  • IPTV
  • M:NET


Due our business plan and strategy we took position as the leading distributor of mobile top up services. We have 70% share of m:tel prepaid sales in BiH. Quality and reliability have been widely known.


With regard to the distribution of our network in the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we emphasize great importance to functionality, security and uninterrupted work with both existing and new customers. We have formed a services:
  • Distribution and technical service
  • Customer service
  • Call center

Ibox devices

Ibox is a self-service device that offers the following functionalities:
  • recharge of mobile phone prepaid account
  • playing music in bars
  • shooting and making photos on the spot